Irahapeti (Elizabeth) Rihi Tanapo Stanaway 1844(6) – 1931

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Irahapeti (Rihi Tanapo)Stanaway - Tides of Time.

Irahapeti (Rihi Tanapo)Stanaway – Tides of Time.

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Rihi marries Ngaere Minarapa in ……. (marriage Certificate Number……..)

On 10 June 1931, Rihi passes away (Death Certificate No 3139) in Mangamuka. Her death certificate states she was 85 years old and survived by three daughters.

The certificate also states her Father as James Stanaway and mother as Heeni Papa from the Tuhaawai tribe.

10 thoughts on “Irahapeti (Elizabeth) Rihi Tanapo Stanaway 1844(6) – 1931

  1. Teriina Marriner

    Kia Ora my maiden name is Linda Kay Marriner, I am a direct descendant of Irihapeti Stanaway. I am very interested in any information regarding this fine lady as there seems to be quite a bit of confusion on her daughter Kuwhara’s father who according to the Whakapapa is Irihapetis brother & 1st cousin. Though I understand those things can happen I certainly would like to see the evidence as I know also mistakes can be made by the flick of a pen. Whakapapa to many is of great importance as it is of course passed down from generation to generation. I am grateful for any information. Thank You.


    1. Carolyn Ngaia

      Hiya, I too am a descendant of Irahapeti and have a copy of her death certificate which shows her husband was Ngaere Minarapa. Message me if you would like a copy.


  2. Stephanie Winslade

    Hiya, I am wondering please if anyone has any idea of the Ngati Porou Hapu, or better still Marae that Ngaere’s mothers family was from please? I am also descended from Wetaparene and John Stanaways line, and it seems to be through Ngaere. My grandmother June was a Marriner, but she died giving birth to my Mother. It is my understanding that her parents may have been Charles and Isobel (Peters) Marriner, but my information is a bit sketchy at this point. I am trying to find this out because a major piece of my family history is lost, but also due to a university Maori Planning paper for university, based on my pepeha. If someone knows anything please can they email me on


  3. Stephanie Winslade

    Apparently the Marriner was the english version of Marena, because it was not legal to use Maori names on English marriage documents.


  4. Polli Marriner

    Richard Marriner from the UK married in NZ, his half Māori son with Katarina, George Marriner/Hori Marena (1) Married Rora Karena, their son George Marriner/ Hori Marena 2 married Hera Kuwhara Minarapa/ Sarah Marriner. Hera was a daughter of Ngaere and Irahapeti.


  5. Lauren

    Daughter Repareta Hiki Minarapa married Tari Renata Hoera Of Pipiwai 1940c. They had ten children. I descend from both I can give my genealogy.


  6. Michael Barber

    This lady I think is my great grandmother 1 of her daughters I think is my mums mother toto-karewa Elizabeth cook who married my grandfather whakarei Harihona Harrison Barber an they both lay at rest in ngongotaha rotorua with 2 uncles an 1 aunty also 2 uncles lay at rest in daniverke an 1 uncle at rest in invercargil an my mother lavinia the youngest of my nan an grandfather’s children is at rest in mangamuka


  7. Faye

    Charles and Isobel (Peters) Marriner are my Great Grandparents, but I do not know anything about this side as my nana will not speak of it. I would love some information if there is any. I don’t want to upset my nan, but would really love to know the whakapapa on this side. Nga mihi Faye


    1. Pollimack

      Hi Faye,
      I have emailed you.
      My daughter Māreikura and I have a fb page ‘Marriner Whānau’
      that links together a series of whanau groups for descendants of each of the children of George / Hori and Sarah/ Hera Marriner.
      If you go and like the page , Māreikura and I can add you to the correct group.



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