Ngaere Minarapa Tika Stanaway (aka George Maynard) 1844 – 1917

Ngaere (aka George Maynard) was born about 1844 in the Hokianga area, Northland (birth certificate number unknown). He was born the second son of Captain John James Stanaway and his second wife Witaparene Minarapa.

It is under stood that Ngaere was sent to be raised by his mother’s family in the Gisborne area.

Not much is known of his childhood but it would have been much the same as other Maori children at the time. From this we can only assume he spoke Maori as probably his first language and some English as a second.

Ngaere married Irahapeti Rihi (Elizabeth) Tanapo Stanaway (Marriage Certificate Unknown), they had six children, Mataharea (Mate) Heni, Pourewa Raiha Te Atawhai, Repareta (Hiki), Ripene, Tika (Richard Maynard) Minarapa (1867-1897), and Kuwhara (1869-1917).

I am not sure if Ngaere or Irahapeti knew that they were closely related, sharing the same father (John James Stanaway), or it may be how they met in the first place.

Little is known of his life other than at some stage he had moved from the Gisborne area to Auckland where he passes away in 1917 aged about 73. (Death Certificate unknown).

8 thoughts on “Ngaere Minarapa Tika Stanaway (aka George Maynard) 1844 – 1917

  1. Colleen Stanaway

    This is not correct. Ngaere (aka George Maynard) was the son of JJ and Witaperene and he married Irahapeti, daughter of JJ and Henipapa. The photo is of Irahapeti – she was known as Rihi Minarapa. I have a copy of their marriage cert somewhere and have her death cert which I can email to you


        1. Polli Marriner

          Oh gosh, didn’t see this. Would have loved to see you. Greg, can you please send her my email address and phone number?


  2. Antonio

    Kia ora whanau ,

    My father was Karena Terewai Tipene he married my mother Irihia Tipene.
    My father mother Huhana Te Hara married Terewai Tipene .
    Huhana mother was Matehaere Hene Minarapa she married Himi Te Hara.
    My grandmother Huhana had only one sister her name was Irahapeti.
    Irahapeti married my grandfather older brother Ngaungau Paiti Tipene.
    Matehaere Hene Minarapa parents were NGAERE Minarapa Stanaway and Irahapeti Stanaway .
    NGAERE Minarapa Stanaway parents were JJ STANAWAY and WITAPERENE MINARAPA.
    IRAHAPETI parents were JJ STANAWAY and Henepapa.
    So whanau that’s me in a nut shell.

    Na mihi

    Antonio Colin Tipene



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