For those of you who would like to add or help out with assembling the pages for the various children and grand children of John James Stanaway. We have created this template as a guide. It is how we assemble the pages ourselves – if you want to only put down bullet points that is fine we can compile the final page. What usually takes the time is the researching.research

  • Full Name
  • Birth Date (Birth Certificate number if known)
  • Baptism if known
  • Who they married (Marriage Certificate number) – any further information on the spouse and spouses parents who were they – birth and death years etc
  • Children they had and year they were born (if they died before their parents what year)
  • Any Birth/Death/Marriage notices from newspapers
  • Photographs if any
  • Where they grew up and went to school
  • Occupation – working life
  • Where they may have lived
  • Family stories – good and bad
  • Death Date (Death Certificate number if known)
  • Where they died, buried (cemetery and plot numbers if available), cause of death

We are able to obtain further information from other sources and can perhaps provide your branch of the Stanaway family with further history you may never have known about.



3 thoughts on “Research

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  2. tahi

    sorry about posting this in the incorrect area: aperahama taonui wrote in ‘he pukapuka whakapapa mo nga tupuna’ that muriwai was makoare taonui’s uncle. muriwai was brother to makoare taonui’s father ahuriri


    1. gregorypaulskinner Post author

      Thanks Tahi for you comments – yes I was aware of the link to Muriwai. Any more information you have would be helpful such as hapu, marae etc. Have a look at my post on Susan Anderson the link to Taonui we have made still needs work and is one that apart from some DNA test we may not confirm 100%



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