“Tides of Time – John James Stanaway” Revised Edition 2013

“Tides of Time” is the Stanaway family tree book. This was first published in the mid eighties at the same time as the last large family gathering, held in Ruawai. Alexandria McEwen and Mervyn Marriner, over a period of 30 odd years, compiled the family tree – I remember looking through this with amazement at the magnatude of the number of decendants.

Tides of Time 1984 version.

Tides of Time 1984 version.

A new revised print was completed in 2013 by Wendy after spending three years updating everyone’s family tree, and I must add is a fine looking book.

The book itself contains no less than 15,063 descendants from this one man. (And it’s still not all of them).

The Stanaway “Tides of Time” family tree book will no longer be printed as it is too expensive to do one-off copies. It has been decided that because there are still people who want the information that it will be put onto a USB stick.

Not as good as reading a book and turning the pages because you’d have to open lots of individual files instead, but the information is the same and you will still have a copy of your family history.

The cost of each USB stick will be $65.
Postage & handling in NZ is $3.50 plus extra $3 if your on rural delivery. Delivery will be within 14 days of payment.

If you would like to get one of these USB’s please contact Wendy via the facebook page.

Please share with your family as there are many people who are still not on the facebook page.

If you would like to update the family tree book again leave a reply in the box below, that way we can update the master file.

Please note, if you do not wish the information to be made open to the public (i.e. other people looking at this web site will see the information you “reply”) please say so in the reply box – as your reply does not appear unless we approve it.

That way we can keep the ‘Master’ Stanaway Tree up to date.

Tides of Time 2013 Revision.

Tides of Time 2013 Revision.


13 thoughts on ““Tides of Time – John James Stanaway” Revised Edition 2013

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    1. Charlie Puru

      Kia ora.

      We would dearly love a copy of this, however we do not have the funds at the moment, but will prioritise as we are trying to help our tamariki with their mihi and whakapapa!
      Please feel free to email me if you require further information!

      Nga mihi nui



  2. Jaimee Rachel Gerrard-Watson

    hi my name is jaimee gerrard watson i am currently researching my whakapapa i have been told that our family comes off james stanaway and our family is mentioned in the book need clarification or some information on how to get the book or have access to find any information in the book.


    1. gregorypaulskinner Post author

      Hello Jaimee the “book” is titled “Tides of Time”, there are copies in the some libraries around the country (the Auckland Central Library I know has one so do the Helensville & Kauri Museums) I myself have an old copy – done in the eighties and there was an updated version done in 2013 – I see you have gone to the Times of tide page on the web site – Check with Wendy by clicking on the Facebook link on the same page but I think all the books have been sold, she may still have a USB stick with the tree information on it though. Let me know if you don’t have any luck – I will pull out my copy and get you the detail – just cant get my hands on it at the moment as I have just moved house – Regards Greg


  3. jaimee gerrard watson

    thank you any information is useful to help me understand my whakapapa whom are my relations are so hard tracking and doing it yourself.


  4. Samuel Kirner

    My great grandmother Edith tiriana Te Rokena nee Rogan of John James Stanaway is what we have always beleved is our whanau name Rokena today a cousin was at a marae in Mangamuka whare tipuna named Nga Puhi someone there told her the name was Rakena can you share any light on that please thankyou


  5. Tracy Vitolio

    I am looking to purchase a thumb drive copy if that is at all possible please. Trying to find the missing links in our whakapapa.



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