Missing Family – uncovered? 8.2.2016

LupeLast week we were contacted by a potential branch of the Stanaway family which, to date we did not know existed – or rather, the reseach into this side had in the Tides of Time family tree, had only been able to go so far.

We are publishing this post to request your help.

The branch of the tree we are looking at is from Kataraina Stanaway 1848 – 1930 and her daughter named Maungaroa. We are requesting that anyone who has details of Maungaroa to get in contact with us by leave a reply at the bottom of this post (once you have contacted us we can talk details off line).

The Tides of Time family tree book does not provide much information on Maungaroa – offical records do not provide much assistance as BM&D’s were not always recorded as well as names changed, nick names used, and or having both Maori and English names was common practice.

Do the following names ring any bells – any link you may have to these names could be the link we require;

  • Ere Ngaru (F) b abt 1857 d 1902
  • Waaka Mete (Walker Smith) (M) b1859 d 1884
  • Rira (or Riria) Mete (Smith) (F) b 1879


  • Hone Tini (John Patrick Denny) (M) b 1863 d 1913
  • Riki (Richard John) Denny (M) b 1892 d 1915
  • Raiha (Eliza) Mena Denny (F) b1895
  • Henare (Henry) Denny (M) b1899


11 thoughts on “Missing Family – uncovered? 8.2.2016

  1. Judy Lanzon

    I have previously left info about my grandmother, Raiha ( Eliza mena Denny (Tini), born in Awanui, NZ, daughter of a Maungaroa, whose mother was known as Ka Stanaway. According to my grandmother, Maungaroa had a daughter, Rira (born 21 Oct,1879), also known as Lilla Smith (Mete) to Walker Smith( Waaka Mete). Maungaroa had 3 other children to John Denny (Hone Tini . Riki (b.1892) killed in WW1, Raiha (b.1895)(grandmother) Henare Henry b 1899. My grandmother and Henry came to Australia. Descendants of Rira are in new Zealand and in one of their homes was a photograph of Ka Stanaway, same as the one in the Stanaway website. It seems Maungaroa was also known as Ere Ngaru and there is not a lot of info about her. She died 3 Nov, 1902 when grandmother was a little girl. This is the information I have. I have been to NZ a few times as I am related to Riras side of the family (Edwards of Awanui) who gave me a lot of this info. I hope you can dig more about Ka Stanaway and her daughter, maungaroa,. I love family ties even tho sometimes its hard to grasp the complexity


  2. Michael

    I am a direct descendant of Maungaroa, through Rira and Waaka Mete. My side of family also left for Australia(QLD) however after almost exactly 100 years I’m back and living in Auckland. Happy to assist with whatever small pieces of info I may have.


      1. Judy Lanzon

        Hi Greg,
        Rira Mete was my grandmothers (Eliza Denny) half sister so Maata her niece. Maata married Robert Edwards who has turned out to be my grandfather


    1. gregorypaulskinner Post author

      Not a simple question to answer as I want to say yes and no.

      Reason being that there were Stanaway’s (unrelated) who settled in Otago, but there was one Stanaway (one of Henare Stanaway’s sons) who did move down to Dunedin. Check out the page for Henry Patrick Stanaway 1875-1925 (go to the Children and Grandchildren page – it is there he had 3 sons and one daughter), who’s offspring could still be there. There is also a family tree book which was done in 1984 and revised in 2013 which would have names etc – when I get a chance I will email you off line if you like.

      At this stage we have found no link between the Dunedin Stanaway’s (apart from Henry Patrick) and the “North Island” Stanaway’s – not to say that there maybe a connection further back in time in Cornwall?

      There was also a Stanaway family who settled in Wellington, unfortunately most of this family were killed in a flash flood in the 1860’s?


  3. Aronwy Edwards


    Maungaroa Ere Ngaru was the daughter of Ka Awarau (Caroline Rivers) of Awanui and Henare Ngaru. Maungaroa Ere Ngaru married Waaka Mete of TeKao.

    I have a copy of the Stanaway Book from back in the 1980’s, when I was working at the Mangonui Post Office and a lady and gentleman from Kenana would check through the records for info, she gave me a copy.

    I know that my uncle Gordon Edwards married Maggie Job, they are in the book, because Maggie is a Stanaway descendant.

    Aronwy Edwards


  4. Teegan

    I realise this was put out there 3 years ago but I have just been going through my family tree, through Ancestry.

    John Patrick Denny & Rirra Waaka-Mete are distant relatives of mine.



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