Henry Patrick Stanaway 1875 – 1925

Henry Patrick was born in April 1875 (birth certificate number unknown) and registered in Tokatoka in the Kaipara region.

Henry Patrick Stanaway - Helensville Museum.

Henry Patrick Stanaway – Helensville Museum.

We suspect that his childhood was much the same as other children at that time growing up in the Kaipara area.

The first record we have of Henry is in the 1896 Electoral Roll which states Henry as living in Helensville and working as a railway clerk.

In 1898 Henry is mentioned in a fatal railway accident according to the Otago Daily Times on 18 January, page 3, which occured in Helensville. The engines fireman was killed when it left the tracks near Kaukapakapa. Henry was on the train as clerk and gave evidence at the inquest. Henry helped get passengers away from the overturn train  after he pulled the guard from the wreak.  (Refer Auckland Star 20 January 1898).

By 1902 he has moved to Dunedin working for the Railway as a clerk.

In 1906 aged 31, Henry marries Emily Jane Finlay (Marriage Certificate number 1906/7109).

Emily Jane Findlay - Tides of Time.

Emily Jane Findlay – Tides of Time.

Henery and Emily had four children three sons and one daughter – Errol (????), May Davis (1894), Richard (Dick) (1908) and Henry William (1909).

From Tides and Time 2013 Revised Edition page 19

Henry worked for NZRW (New Zealand Rail Ways) was on the executive committee in early 1900’s for the Otago Branch.

In 1909 we have Henry featuring in the NZ Graphic on page 31 as part of the Executive Council of the New Zealand Railway Officers Institute, in conference at Wellington. By this time I suggest he is more than just a clerk for NZRW.


From the NZ Graphic page 31 – Henry Stanaway back row 3rd from the right.

In 1911 the Electoral Roll has Henry and Emily at 47 Shakespare Road, Sydenham, Christchurch, his occupation is listed as railway official.

From the 1914 Electoral Roll we now have Henry living in Wanganui, at 91 Glasgow Street, as a railway clerk.

Henry Stanaway Jr

Henry Stanaway – Vince Stanaway Collection


The 1917 World War 1 Reserve list has Henry in Wanganui – Clerk, NZR at 71 Campbell Street.

The 1919 Electoral Roll has Henry at 91 Glasgow Street again as a railway clerk. (Note this same Electoral Roll has another Stanaway  – Mabel – spinster living at 71 Campbell Street, Wanganui. – who is this?)

On 4 March 1925 Henry passes away suddenly in Dunedin (death Certificate unknown). The Evening Post stated;

Dunedin, This Day. Henry Patrick Stanaway, aged 50, a railway goods agent, expired suddenly when dressing this morning. He was 35 years in the railway service.

Evening Post 4 March 1925.

Evening Post 4 March 1925.


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