Maungaroa Rogan ???? – 1902

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Maungaroa also known as Ere Ngaru. Maungaroa Rogan was the second child to Kataraina and Mohi Te Rokene (Moses Rogan) (Birth certificate unknown).

We do not have any records of her child hood, we can only assume live was much the same as her siblings and other children at that time.

From the Kaitaia Museum in the Baptismal records No66 we have listed Ere Ngaru date 12 August 1858 the daughter of Mitae Henare Te Ngaru and Kararaina of Maunganui

Maungaroa married Te Waka Mete (Walker Smith) prior to 1879.

Maungaroa and Te Waka Mete had a daughter  – Rira also known as Lilla Walker-Smith (Mete)  born 21 October 1879 (died 4 February 1912 aged 33).

Maungaroa married Hamahone Topia about 1880

Maungaroa and Hamahone Topia had a daughter Maki Topia born 1885 d 1944

Maungaroa married Hone Tini (John Denny) about 1890

Maungaroa had three children to John Patrick Denny (Hone Tini) – Riki born 1892 killed in WW1, Raiha born 1895 and Henare born 1899.

Raiha and Henare moved to Australia.

Maungaroa died 3 November 1902.