Kuwhara “Hera” Minarapa Tika Minarapa 1869 – 1917

Hera also known as Sarah married Hori (George) Marriner Jr, on xxxx in the Hokianga (Marriage Certificate unknown). They had 12 children.

Hera passed away on 4 July 1917 at 25 Holland Street, Wellington aged 49 (Death Certificate No ……..) from heart failure. According to a written statement by her husband Hori Marriner as recorded in her Coroners report. She was at home in bed with her husband and two youngest children when she passed away.

She is recorded on her Headstone as Hera Sarah Marriner. She was laid to rest on Ngāti Toa lands at Takapu Urupa, which is situated on the hill above Takapuwahia Marae. She was buried in Takapu Urupa as her son in law John Harrison has whakapapa links to Ngāti Toa. 

Kuwhara Hera Minarapa Tika Marriner is the last known Marriner woman to wear a moko kauae. In the below photo her moko kauae dissapears through the wet plate photographic processes. If you examine an original of the more recent photo of her you can see where the moko is etched into the corners of her lips and the areas of the photo that were painted over to cover the last remnants of her moko kauae by the European photographer.

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Death certificate of Hera Marriner

3 thoughts on “Kuwhara “Hera” Minarapa Tika Minarapa 1869 – 1917

  1. Lyn Howard

    Hi, I am trying to put together a family tree for part of the Marriner family. I am trying to find out the names of the 12 children, and their children. Of the 12 I know one was Mauriri Marriner (1901 -1977).

    Are you able to help, or do you know some one who could. Thank you, Lyn Howard, daughter of Isabelle Marriner.


  2. pollimack

    Each child had a pākehā name and a transliterated Māori name.
    This is just the same name using only Maori consonants and vowels. No s, b or l
    To read them aloud use the aeiou rules and break into syllables
    So Isabella becomes Ihapera. I – Ha – Pe – Ra pronounced almost like Ee-Har-Pear-Ah

    Hilda / Hiria Pepuere / Brown – 1889–1918
    Isabella / Ihapera Harrison – 1890–1974
    George Michael (Hori Matcheson) Marriner 1893–1960
    Moses John/ Mohi Hone (Jack) Marriner 1895–1976
    Joseph Richard / Hohepa Rihari MARRINER 1897–1929
    James / Mauriri (Jim) MARRINER 1901–1977
    William Thompson / Wiremu Tamihana Marriner 1905–2000
    Richard / Rihari MARRINER 1906–1969
    Charles Maynard / Minarapa MARRINER 1908–1984
    Alfred/ Tiraiti Marriner

    They also had nicknames , ie Isabella was also known as Bella and Momo.



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