Helena Evaline Rowlands 1891 – 1987

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Helena Evaline Rowlands was born 12 May 1891 (Birth Certificate number 1891/12615) at _________, the forth child and third daughter of Phoebe and Donald Rowlands.

Not much is known about her early years but we could assume it was much the same as her siblings and other children at that time.

The first record we have for Helena is her marriage on ______ 1912 (Marriage certificate number 1912/3015) at __________ to Thomas William Reardon.

Helena and Thomas have two children – (Lieutenant) Rowland Keith (1913-1944) and Joyce Verna Cecelia (1916).

Thomas passes away in 1972 aged 88 (Death Certificate number 1972/33757).

Helena passes away in 1987 (Death Certificate number 1987/28753) aged 96.