Ann “Unknown” 18?? – 1839

John’s first wife whom we are calling Ann, we have no records of at all.

We have uncovered no records of any J Stanaway marring in Australia.

The dilemma of this marriage and wife is linked with other pages, where we have tried to uncover which John or James Stanaway he is. The only information we have is that John was married and his wife was heavily pregnant and gave birth to Mary Ann on the passage and subsequently died while still at sea.


1 thought on “Ann “Unknown” 18?? – 1839

  1. Amanda Stuart

    Hi Greg, not sure if this has any relevance to the mother of Mary Ann Stanaway, the first born of John James Stanaway but I have found a marriage record for an Ann Polkinghorne (b. 1815/1817 from Kenwyn, Cornwall) married to John Stanaway of Probus, Cornwall on 4th September 1836. The records also mention 31st July 1836 but this is when the Banns are first read.This would make him about 23 years old and her about 19 years old, three years prior to sailing to Australia/New Zealand. Thanks Amanda Stuart (Re: Marriner Family line)

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