Irahapeti (Elizabeth) Rihi Tanapo Stanaway 1844 – 1931

Currently being written. – Information coming soon.

Irahapeti (Rihi Tanapo)Stanaway - Tides of Time.

Irahapeti (Rihi Tanapo)Stanaway – Tides of Time.

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3 thoughts on “Irahapeti (Elizabeth) Rihi Tanapo Stanaway 1844 – 1931

  1. Teriina Marriner

    Kia Ora my maiden name is Linda Kay Marriner, I am a direct descendant of Irihapeti Stanaway. I am very interested in any information regarding this fine lady as there seems to be quite a bit of confusion on her daughter Kuwhara’s father who according to the Whakapapa is Irihapetis brother & 1st cousin. Though I understand those things can happen I certainly would like to see the evidence as I know also mistakes can be made by the flick of a pen. Whakapapa to many is of great importance as it is of course passed down from generation to generation. I am grateful for any information. Thank You.


    1. Carolyn Ngaia

      Hiya, I too am a descendant of Irahapeti and have a copy of her death certificate which shows her husband was Ngaere Minarapa. Message me if you would like a copy.



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