Kataraina Te Rimi (Katherine) Stanaway 1848 – 1930

Kataraina Te Rimi Stanaway (Katherine) was born 19 August 1848 (Birth Certificate Unknown) in the Hokianga region, Northland. She was the third child of John James Stanaway and Henipapa.

Kataraina Te Rimi Stanaway

Kataraina Stanaway – Tides of Time.

From our research we know that the children lived with their mother in the pa on the opposite side to John when they moved from the Hokianga to the northern Kaipara.

Not much is known of her childhood, but we could expect it was much the same as her siblings.

Kataraina marries Mohi Te Rokena (Rogan) (1840-1890) in about 1869 (Marriage Certificate Unknown). Mohi was approximately 30 years old and Kataraina was 29. Not much is known about Mohi or the Rogan family.

The couple have five children – Mohi (1866/70 – 1916), Maungaroa (Meti), Mihiwera, Erina and Mereana.

Mohi Te Rokena dies  in 1890.

Kataraina marries Paraone Huitara (John Brown) (Marriage Certificate Unknown). Not much is known about Paraone or the Huitara family other than his name is listed in 1909 as being on the Ngatiwhatua Council for the Matakohe region.

Kataraina and Paraone have six children – Te Pora (Nellie), Nganeko (Heeni), Emma, Matekoraha (America), Te Auraki (Hana) and Richard (Dick).

From Tides of Time we read;

Kataraina lived her life in Naumai where she became well loved and respected. A waterway there is named after her “Kitty’s Canal”.

Kataraina passes away in 1930 in Naumai, Kaipara aged about 82 (Death Certificate Unknown).

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