Erina Rogan ???? – 1925

We have no records on Erina Rogan’s birth (Birth Certificate unknown). We can only speculate on her early childhood in that it would have been much the same as her siblings and other children in the area at the time.

Erina Rogan - Tides of Time

Erina Rogan – Tides of Time

Erina marries Hamioora Manukura Samuels. (Marriage certificate unknown). We have no information on Hamioora, or his family at this time.

Erina and Hamioora have two sons, Tatana (???? – 1953) and Pene (Harry) (1904 – 1969).

We believe that Erina spent all of her life around the Northern Wairoa area.

It is understood that Erina looked after Henepapa and Witaparene until their deaths in 1905.

Erina passes away 14 April 1925, age unknown, we understand in the Dargaville area.

Hamioora passes away in 1928, age unknown. location buried unknown.