James William Stanaway 1880 – 1921

James William Stanaway was born 11 January 1880 in Helensville (Birth Certificate Number 1880/373). He was the 8th child and 3rd son to Henry and Rose Stanaway.

James William Stanaway about 21 years old - Helensville Museum.

James William Stanaway about 21 years old – Helensville Museum.

Not much is known of his childhood, however we expect it to be much like his siblings and other children living in the area at that time.

At the age of 16, it appears that William was sent to board at Wesley College in Three Kings, Auckland, enrolled under his Maori name – Wirimu Taniwe.

He started at the school in 1896 and studied at the school for at least 3 years.

We have a report from the Auckland Star, dated 10 December 1897, which published the results for that year, in which it has William in the Lower division (we assume the junior part of the school) recording a score that year of 365 points, having studied catechism, arithmetic, composition, transcription, geography and reading.

The following year the New Zealand Herald reports on 19 December 1898, William again at the school, this time in the Second Class (We assume the intermediate part of the school) recording that year he studied in 8 subjects and scored 65 points.

Wesley College Three Kings 1897

The next record we have of James is his marriage to Elizabeth Ailie Ryan in 1904 (Marriage certificate number 1904/4629). Elizabeth was the daughter of Michael Francis Ryan and Julia Riardon (married in Melbourne Australia in 1867). She was one of nine children. Michael Francis Ryan was the postmaster of the Manawaru Store which was also the Post Office – In 1908, Julia (another daughter) she became the first postmistress.

James and Elizabeth

Elizabeth and James Stanaway

From the 1905-6 Electoral Roll we have James living at Mangawhare and is listed as a Grocer.

In 1907 James and Elizabeth have a daughter, Kathleen Rose (1907-1979 – spinster). Followed by Veronica (Mara) in 1909 and then Madeline Frances in 1911.

By 1911 according to the Electoral Roll James has moved to Wells Street in Cambridge in the Waikato and is listed as an Ironmonger (English word for a Hardware supplier), the same is listed for the 1914, and 1919 Electoral Rolls.

In 1917 James was listed in the Reserve Roll for service in WWI, he was listed as a Hardware Manager in Cambridge.

On 7 October 1921 at the age of just 41 James dies (Death Certificate Number 1921/6263). He is buried in the Hamilton West Cemetery Row 22 plot number 216.

On 10 April 1926 his second daughter “Mara” or Veronica dies aged just 16, and is buried with him.

Fourteen years after James on 16 January 1935 his wife, Elizabeth, passes away, and is also buried beside him.