Ngati Hemi (James) Stanaway 1852 – 1934

Ngati Hemi (James or Jimmy) was born 9 April 1852 in the Hokianga area, Northland (birth certificate number 1852/2214).

Ngati (James) Stanaway - Tides of Time.

Ngati (James) Stanaway – Tides of Time.

His mother’s name does not appear on the BMD register, a copy of his birth certificate reveals his father’s occupation as Marriner, and that he was registered in the district of Russell by the Wesleyan Minister John Hobbs on 25 May 1852. He was born the second son of Captain John James Stanaway and his third wife Henipapa.

Copy of Ngati's Birth Certificate - Colleen Stanaway Collection.

Copy of Ngati’s Birth Certificate – Colleen Stanaway Collection.

The first mention we have of Ngati if from Tides and Time (revised edition 2013) page 18, where he and his older sister Irahapeti (Rihi Tanapo) were said to have gone to live with their mother’s tribe;

These two children tired of their way of life, left the family home and went to live with their mothers people and lived the Maori way of life.

In May 1878 aged about 26, we have Ngati mentioned twice in the New Zealand Herald as having committed perjury the articles read;

Article 1. 2 May 1878 – HOKIANGA, Wednesday, James Stanaway, a half-caste, was charged at the Resident Magistrate’s Court today with having committed wilful and corrupt perjury in his evidence in a civil case – Te Wairongoa vs. John Lundon. The case was remanded till Friday, bail being allowed, himself in £100, and two sureties of £50 each.

Article 2. 13 May 1878 – At the Resident Magistrate’s Court, Hokianga, on the 6th instant, before William C Webster and Alfred C Yarborough, Esqs. J.P’s, James Stanaway was charged upon the information of Constable Coughlan, with having on the 1st instant, at the Resident Magistrate’s Court, Hokianga, during the hearing of a civil case – Te Wairongoa vs John Lundon – committed wilful and corrupt perjury.

The prisoner pleaded not guilty. The first witness called was Spencer Von Sturmer, Resident Magistrate, who proved the evidence of the prisoner in the case above mentioned. Helyar W Bishop, clerk and interpreter to the Court, deposed to having administered the oath, and having interpreted the evidence of the prisoner, and to having cautioned him previously to his xxxxx in Court.

John Lundon deposed to the evidence of the prisoner being entirely false, as he was ten miles away from the place where the conversation took place which he swore he heard. Hone te Wake gave similar evidence. Te Wetini Tohu, a mate of the prisoner, also deposed to the utter falsity of the prisoner’s evidence. Constable Coughlan gave evidence as to the laying of the information. The prisoner declined to make any statement.

The Justices retired for a quarter-of-an-hour, and returning in to court, stated that they did not think the evidence was sufficient to justify them in sending the prisoner for trial, and, in consideration of his being a half-caste, brought up among the natives, and possibly on that account ignorant of the solemn nature of an oath, they would give him the benefit of the doubt, and dismiss the case.

From Tides and Time (revised edition 2013) page 19 we read;

Jimmy lived his life out at Mangamuka. Many times he took his horse and put it on the barge and sailed it all the way down to the West Coast of the South Island to visit with his relations there, who were descendants of his grandmothers (Wetekia) second marriage.

In 1880 we have Ngati marring Mere Whakaata in the Wairoa area. Mere was from Tahawai a hapu from both Te Rarawa and Ngapuhi Iwi’s.

Ngati and Mere have six children, four daughters and two sons – Heeni Jane????-????, Meretoone Putungarau ????-1939, Mohi ????-????, Waaka ????-????, Ngaronoa (Amiria) 1881-1943 and Rahera (Rachel) 1894-1948.

The next record we have of Ngati is in the Maori Electoral Roll of 1919, where he is listed as Himi Taniwe, Te Tahawai Hapu and is living in Mangamuka. (note his death certificate states he is Ngapuhi – see post comments below).

Copy of Ngati's Death Certificate - Colleen Stanaway Collection.

Copy of Ngati’s Death Certificate – Colleen Stanaway Collection.

On 8 September 1934 Ngati passes away aged 82 and 5 months (Death Certificate No 1934/3195). The certificate states that he died at Mangamuka, in the Far North (Mangamuka is a district just north of Kohukohu and is the name of a river which feeds into the Hokianga Harbour).

His burial is not registered and the location of his final resting place is unknown.


Postscript – his death certificate shows he out lived his sons and wife, it lists 4 female as living issue.


7 thoughts on “Ngati Hemi (James) Stanaway 1852 – 1934

  1. Colleen Stanaway

    I have a copy of James Birth Certificate. He was born on 9th April 1852. His father is recorded as John James Stanaway, Mariner. The name of his mother is not recorded.Also have his Death Certificate. Name James Stanaway (Himi Taniwe) died in Mangamuka on 8 Sept 1934. Tribe Ngapuhi. Will email copies


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  3. Hohaia Hakaraia

    Mere Whakaata:
    Was Mere Whakaata Himi Taniwe”s wife?
    I think Mere was related to the Mare (Murray) whanau from Whangape.
    Waata Te Koni comes to mind. Maybe this is her father?


    1. Deidre Everitt

      Yes Mere Whakaata was Waata Te Koni daughter. Waata Te Koni was brother to Kataraina Hone Murray and also had brother Pinia Te koni victoria valley. She is my Great great grandmother.



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