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Tides of Time – Out of Print!

The Stanaway “Tides of Time” family tree book will no longer be printed as it is too expensive to do one-off copies. It has been decided that because there are still people who want the information that it will be put onto a USB stick.

Tides of Time 2013 Revision.

Tides of Time 2013 Revision.

Not as good as reading a book and turning the pages because you’d have to open lots of individual files instead, but the information is the same and you will still have a copy of your family history.

The cost of each USB stick will be $65.
Postage & handling in NZ is $3.50 plus extra $3 if your on rural delivery. Delivery will be within 14 days of payment.

If you would like to get one of these USB’s please contact Wendy via the facebook page.

Please share with your family as there are many people who are still not on the facebook page.

Missing Family – uncovered? 8.2.2016

LupeLast week we were contacted by a potential branch of the Stanaway family which, to date we did not know existed – or rather, the reseach into this side had in the Tides of Time family tree, had only been able to go so far.

We are publishing this post to request your help.

The branch of the tree we are looking at is from Kataraina Stanaway 1848 – 1930 and her daughter named Maungaroa. We are requesting that anyone who has details of Maungaroa to get in contact with us by leave a reply at the bottom of this post (once you have contacted us we can talk details off line).

The Tides of Time family tree book does not provide much information on Maungaroa – offical records do not provide much assistance as BM&D’s were not always recorded as well as names changed, nick names used, and or having both Maori and English names was common practice.

Do the following names ring any bells – any link you may have to these names could be the link we require;

  • Ere Ngaru (F) b abt 1857 d 1902
  • Waaka Mete (Walker Smith) (M) b1859 d 1884
  • Rira (or Riria) Mete (Smith) (F) b 1879


  • Hone Tini (John Patrick Denny) (M) b 1863 d 1913
  • Riki (Richard John) Denny (M) b 1892 d 1915
  • Raiha (Eliza) Mena Denny (F) b1895
  • Henare (Henry) Denny (M) b1899