Getting Started

Finally – I have started to publish online the results of a number of years research into my 3rd x great grandfather, who settled in New Zealand in about 1839. Initially I was wanting just to know when he arrived and how he came to settle in NZ, but this seemed to grow into what was he doing then into what were his movements, time lines, photographs, stories etc.
In researching my family tree, I have uncovered a multitude of information on Captain John James Stanaway and his descendants. With the advent of the internet and Google searches, information has been easier to obtain than when the Mariners first started the “Tides and Time” family tree book.
Alas, the internet was not around back then it may have made shorter work of the task that faced them. The recent 2013 updated version of the same book is inspiring as well and thanks to Wendy Clarricoats for her time and effort to get as many of these printed as possible.
Details of John Stanaway’s colourful life are recorded in a number of places some of which is conflicting. What is recorded here is a small extract from the records of his descendants, my own research including that published by Mervyn and Alexandria Marriner in 1985 following 30 years of research.
I have tried to piece together his movements around the world, and uncover how he came to settle in New Zealand. I have spent many hours, searching the local museums around Hokianga, and Kaipara, I have visited Probus in Cornwall, trolled through web sites, births marriages and deaths, newspapers, electoral rolls, Government and Council archives. What I have uncovered is a not definitive but more of the likely story of one man’s life.
I have also included where possible details and stories of his children and great grand-children, again these are in no way complete, I know other family members have the missing pieces to this tail and maybe over time it will be completed.
Facebook has also made it easier to communicate and keep track of family and friends, and again thanks to Wendy for starting a page for John James Stanaway

One thing I do want to encourage was for different family members to post any or as many family photographs, stories or documents as they have on this site, to share memories of our family and whakapapa, as it is of no use to anyone remaining in a box to be forgotten.
I have tried to present as much information I have found as possible, photographs, newspaper cuttings, births deaths and marriages, exerts from books and where possible family members memoirs in this web page, and will update as information comes to light.
To those who have contributed I thank you and hope you enjoy.

JJ Stanaway Picture 1

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