A White Tohunga – Charles E Nelson

Charles E Nelson was the husband on Isabella Stanaway, they met when Charles came up on deck as the ship he was in was being piloted through the Kaipara Harbour entry, assisting the pilot was this beautiful girl. white-tohunga

They married in 1864, Isabella was 17 and Charles 35, and settled in Helensville. Nelson Street, in Helensville is named after the family, they built the Kaipara Hotel, and had substantial land holdings in the town.

More on their life will be posted on her page, which is currently being put together.

But this post was to make you more aware of Charles Nelson and to highlight that there has been a book published on his life.

The link below will give you more information and if your are interested you can purchase a copy directly. I have a copy myself and found it very interesting.



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