2 thoughts on “Recent Updates as of 11/09/2015

  1. manibarr

    I remember Auntie Nora Stanaway ( the wife of John Aloysius Stanaway) with real love. She was a gentle , humorous little person. My mother used to take us to visit her and her daughter Molly often. She would always serve us beautiful afternoon teas, wheeled in on a trolley. Her house was filled with beautiful treasures that I loved looking at. Seeing her photo has brought back so many lovely memories of a really special woman.


  2. gregorypaulskinner Post author

    Thanks Manibarr for your lovely post – When you get a chance can I get you to go to John Aloysius Stanaways page and enter your post again there – as this one will stay attached to my Update “post”
    Thanks again Greg
    PS if you hvae any furtrher info to add please let us know



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