JJ’s Gravestone

Over the years JJ has had a number of headstones – the first being a wooden board – last seen in the nineties (if any family member has it in safe keeping could they make contact).

Then there is the Totara slab and  a mounted plaque. Sadly the Totara slab has been the favorite meal for some wood eating insects and is now on its way out.

Grave site and James

The trees that had been surrounding the site have once again been cleared and the site opened up again.

Now we are just checking the level of interest and how people would feel if we propose to install a new headstone for John James at the Tokatoka Cemetery.


Tokatoka Cemetery – Mark Adams photograph

I have already spoken to the local council and they are open to the idea (funny enough when I started to speak to them about the idea they said his name – they know his grave).

They said it was up to the family if they would like a new headstone and would only be interested in what was proposed and did not see any restrictions.

My current thoughts are to see what the level of interest is – if no one is interested we will leave it how it is, if there is enough interest we will take the next step.

Please let us know what you think – perhaps we could have a new headstone unveiling at a family reunion in the next twelve to eighteen months or so.

As a side note for those interested, the Tokatoka Cemetery has no burial plots available. Any current vacant plots have been reserved or are already owned. However I am sure if there is enough interest from descendants of JJ that we could bring some pressure on the council that more land could be made available for family.

4 thoughts on “JJ’s Gravestone

  1. MichelleGoddard

    I would definitely be interested in a family reunion and updating the headstone to, keep me informed please, happy to help.


  2. Antonio Tipene

    Kia Ora whanau I remember the last reunion I was very young, but sadly didn’t go.
    My father descended from matehaere heni Stanaway my dads mother was Huhana (Susan)Te hara married Terewai Tipene.
    I support a reunion and the construction of a memorial stone at the same time.
    Just a suggestion,maybe contact the Mariner family,since they organised the first reunion
    Also I realise the logical and organization involved.
    But I truly believe this can be achieved and what a day that would be.


    1. gregorypaulskinner Post author

      Kia Ora Antonio, thanks for your comments, like you I was young when the first reunion was staged, my parents did not go but did get a copy of Tides of Time from the Mariner’s. Probably in the new year I might start looking in to it a bit more.

      Also if you can help with your side of the family tree – as you can see I have a lot of information on some branches and hardly any on others – an information you have would be great – let me know if you can help and I will contact you outside this forum.



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