Recent Updates as of 05.10.2015

We have been working in the background at adding further information which has come to light on John James and some of his children.

The Hokianga page has been updated, and we think we have his movements mostly tied down. We have a good idea on when he arrived in New Zealand, his movements, occupation, who he worked for, and when he moved to the Kaipara. We are now going through the Kaipara page and hope to have this at a similar point soon.

We have been working through Charles George Stanaway and his children, we are about a third the way through his children. Also we are at about at the same stage with Ihapere (Isabella) Stanaway.

As we get corrections or more information on different descendants we are updating their page almost immediately, so please keep sending in information, and if you have not visited your branches page lately you may want to as these get added to regularly. A case in point – we have added some more pictures onto Joseph Patrick Stanaway’s page  after receiving these form a family member.

We are getting closer to the identity of the mystery girl from our earlier posts. We hope to confirm her identity soon.

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