Mystery Boy Photo Bomb – 1905

The photograph below is of the Aratapu Second Juniors – Winners of the 1905 Caps, under the Northern Wairoa Rugby Union. In the back row is Alexander Stanaway (back left), then standing to the left, as we view the photograph, is a young boy. He has managed to get himself into the photograph.


Aratapu Second Juniors – Winners 1905 Caps – Alexander back row on left – Sir George Grey Special Collections.

My comments on Alexander Stanaway’s page that he could be one of his younger brothers.

I was having a look at Montrose Stanaway – the only picture I have of him is when he was in his mid twenties. Never the less have a look at the comparison below.


I don’t think that they look too dis-similar. The photograph of the boy is dated 1905, this would make Monty about 12- 13 years old (Alexander would be 18-19 years old). I think they have similar ears and jaw lines and round forehead.

The boy could be Charles or George Stanaway?

Or no relation what so ever. Let me know your comments please.



1 thought on “Mystery Boy Photo Bomb – 1905

  1. Bradley Masters

    hard to say, cause the face adds up to both boys, by the looks of it, and I assume George looked similar, but the eyes look somewhat different, thought that could just be me.



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